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Summer Drama Camp 2014

Give your child drama experience and build their confidence at the “Play Time” Drama Camp. A week of structured improv, crafts, and games will culminate in a show performed for parents and friends on Friday. Sign up for one week or two weeks. More information...

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  • “The Puppet Lady” CD

    Puppet Lady CD

    This CD has fun songs that help with transitions, teach shapes, and planting seeds.

    Includes a poster so your children can point as they sing along.

  • “Learning, Singing & Moving” CD

    Puppet Lady CD 2

    Bilingual CD with Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Nusha including “Mystery Box”, “Walking Feet”, “Soup”, and more.

  • “Healthy Habits” DVD

    Healthy Habits DVD

    Mrs. Anna “The Puppet Lady” and Mrs. Nusha teach hand washing and personal hygiene with Sam the Shark and other memorable puppets.

  • “Sam the Shark and The Germs!” Book

    Sam the Shark and The Germs Book Cover

    Sam the Shark will not wash his hands.

    He learns from his friend Sly what germs are and how to get rid of them.

    Beware of THE GERMS!!

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