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Anna Hansen-Pridgen



Meet the Creator and Coauthor of "The Adventures of Sam the Shark" series! Anna Hansen Pridgen! Mrs. Anna has been involved in Early Childhood Education since 1991. She is enthusiastic about Child Development and her enthusiasm is contagious! Since Graduating from ECU in 1998, with a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Relations, Mrs. Anna has taught Pre-k, Pre-k Early Intervention, Pre-k ESE, Kindergarten, trained college students at ECU’s Child Dev. Lab and owned and operated her own large family child care home.

In 1997 Mrs. Anna bought her first puppet, and realized that puppets are an amazing tool for teaching. Since then, she has done puppet shows for many schools, bookstores, churches, and has now joined up with Mrs. Nusha and Mr. Darsen for “The Puppet Lady and Friends Show”. After writing and performing puppet shows, Mrs. Anna decided to turn her beloved puppet shows into children's books. That is how "The Adventures of Sam the Shark" began.

Mrs. Anna found that a great way to help children learn is to use a story to teach a concept, a puppet or character to keep the children engaged and then reinforce the concept with a song. So, with the help of her husband, David Pridgen, Mrs. Anna released her first CD titled “The Puppet Lady” and has now released 2 more children’s CDs. Besides authoring books and CD’s, Mrs. Anna has also written and directed many plays for children’s theatre.

One of her real passions started in 2001 when she began training other Early Childhood Educators. Since then, she has spoken and Keynoted at many Early Childhood Conferences. She loves passing on her passion for puppets and love for working with children! Her main career goal is to instill in children and adults a love for learning.



Danusia Patton
Children's Entertainer/Song Writer



Music is Mrs. Nusha’s passion! She has been working with young children and music since 1996. Mrs. Nusha is a trained and certified music educator. She is a native of NC and graduated from the NC School of the Arts. She earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the East Carolina University School of Music with a concentration in percussion. Mrs. Nusha started her own Kindermusic program in Greenville, NC in 1998 and it has been going strong since. She is energetic and enthusiastic! Children adore her!

Terri Hansen-Tomedolskey



Former nanny and now mother of two, Terri has always enjoyed reading and interacting with children. Terri graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in Art Education certifying her to teach Art Kindergarten - 12th grade. She then went on to receive an I.M.A. in Art from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Following her husband's career as a golf professional, Terri had to be flexible. She has served school systems in many different capacities from teaching math, 5th grade, business education, physical education, and even working long term as a guidance counselor. She has completed Effective Teacher Training, as well as taught Young Artists Workshops in local communities.



Trevor Barlow



Trevor is a talented award winning Teacher as well as an incredible Designer and Illustrator. He was born in Sheffield, England in 1966. He first trained as a 3-Dimensional Designer at Hallem University from 1986 to 1990, winning several Design awards for his table ware and jewelry designs. While at the University, he also diversified into the wider Design field, developing wheel chairs for handicapped children, electronic games for blind children and Graphic Design for National magazine advertisements.

Trevor is also a certified teacher of Design and Technology and was awarded the title 'Super Teacher' in 1998 teaching across the Design range from Digital electronics to Engineering and Photography. Three years ago Trevor moved to the States and currently teaches Commercial Graphic Design for Hernando County Schools where he was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2005. He also spends time working as a Graphics Consultant for local companies.

Trevor says "My wife , Nicola is my true inspiration and am blessed with a son, daughter and a MAC computer--They are the four loves of my life!"



Christine Cheesman
Storyboard Artist